Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Travelling as a Mensch

It's one thing to be a mensch "at home" and another thing to be a mensch while exploring the world. Recently, Missy Stein, our 6th grade language arts teacher, shared the following excerpt from a student's journal. It describes his travels to Costa Rica over Passover Break. What is particularly moving is the strong sense of empathy he has not only for his fellow human being, but for all of creation. 

Finally, during the trip, I tried many new foods such as grouper and mahi mahi. When I ate the grouper, it was a different feeling than any other fish. This is because I actually saw the grouper being cut and I saw its guts and gills being taken out. Also, one of the days, the power went out for a short period of time which allowed us to experience how some of the impoverished Costa Ricans live everyday. I learned that we take many necessities for granted and that there are some people who do not have electricity daily. To conclude, this trip was not only exciting and entertaining, but it was also a trip where I learned to appreciate how lucky I truly am to live in America.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Davis, Marist, and the First Ever Atlanta Unity Seder

Last night, student leaders from The Davis Academy and The Marist school honored our many years of interfaith partnership by playing a leadership role at the Atlanta office of the American Jewish Committee's first ever "Unity Seder." Joined by faith leaders from dozens of churches, synagogues, and organizations, local government officials and diplomats from India to Argentina, and more than 400 attendees, The Davis Academy and Marist School students opened the Seder by singing an original melody of the words "Hinei Mah Tov" that was written specifically for interfaith gatherings and occasions. Incidentally, this same song was performed by Davis and Marist students several years ago at a community wide celebration of the 50th anniversary of Nostrae Aetate.

In addition to singing together, Davis and Marist students sat together and participated in the interfaith dialogue and discussion that made the evening so meaning.

Later in the evening, The Davis Academy students were invited to lead the "4 Questions." After singing them in Hebrew, they were translated into different languages by the various diplomats in attendance.

It was a truly special and even historic evening, enriched deeply by the participation of Davis and Marist students.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Davis Academy welcomes Aurora Day Camp

Below is a memo sent by Amy Shafron, The Davis Academy's Head of School, to The Davis Academy faculty and staff. The memo is sharing the wonderful news that The Davis Academy lower school will welcome the Aurora Day Camp when they open their doors for the first time in Atlanta, this summer. 

I’m thrilled to let you know about a very special day camp opening for the first time this summer, to be housed at The Davis Academy.  We are pleased to be able to put our school’s values of kehillah, tzedek and kavod into action by opening our home for this unique new day camp for children with cancer.

Having created 7 other camps – three in New York (Long Island, Pearl River and Staten Island), three in Israel and Horizon Day Camp in Baltimore, Maryland – the Sunrise Association is now creating Aurora Day Camp in Atlanta. It will be Georgia’s first full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, ages 3 ½ –16, who are in active or follow-up treatment for cancer. Aurora staff evaluated many sites in and around the Atlanta area and selected The Davis Academy lower school campus as ideal given our beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities for programing, central location and proximity to CHOA’s Scottish Rite facility. Their leadership teams includes Gregory Hill as Executive Director, Sami Tanenbaum as Camp Director and Dr. Glen Lew, one of CHOA’s leading pediatric oncologists as Medical Director. We hope that as they round out their team that perhaps some of our own Davis alum will consider applying to work as camp counselors as well. 

Here is a link to a piece which appeared recently on WSB TV news (ABC affiliate station in Atlanta):  

Please join me in celebrating and embracing this opportunity for our Davis community to work alongside Aurora’s team to help make a joyful summer camp experience possible for these special children in our local community.